Monday, June 26, 2017


Our Phone is the first thing we see in the morning; this pretty well sums up its significance! They are completely intertwined with every activity we indulge in, be it travelling to a new location, finding a new restaurant, communicating within our social circles, and so much more. I’m sure some of you are reading this blog post on your phones! I love how everything is so much more accessible because of smartphones, but deciding which one is the best match for you is so confusing. Availability of wide options turns the entire process more complex! Every phone has different set of features to offer and they’re all so tempting and useful, it makes my head spin.

Recently I got my hands on the new LG G6 phone and after a long time I came across a phone I think is AWESOME. The G6 clearly pushes the Korean brand to the forefront of the smartphone pile in terms of design and screen. G6 earns high marks for ergonomic design. The front and back panels are colored Platinum Ice, which I personally believe is very unique. It has the Full Vision display, and the screen is taller while not being wider, which makes using two apps side by side a lot easier.

Rather than the typical 16:9 aspect, LG has opted for an 18:9 ratio display—so the phone is going to be the new favourite for wide angle photographers. The dual cameras are now both 13 mp in resolution. Zoom transition between the two cameras is smooth.

To edit the content I capture, LG G6 comes with editing features that helps me publish faster. The GIF Creator allows me to create GIF with still photos or on videos. Also there is Quick Video Editor, a feature which was introduced in the G5, to quickly generate video highlights (up to 60 seconds) out of a single long video. Then there is the new Square Camera mode that lets you capture square images with 4 creative ways: Match shot, Snap shot, grid shot and guide shot.

G6 is one of the few smartphones that are certified IP68. Because the phone is water-resistant-- so I can wash the phone if it gets soiled. There are plenty of customisable features within the phone’s interface itself.

I doubt there’s any other smartphone that can match up to the LG G6 in terms of the right balance between price, performance, features, and style, so if you’re looking to invest in a phone that can double as your best buddy, don’t even hesitate to get this one!

Thursday, June 15, 2017

OPPO F3- Selfie Expert :D

As a fashion blogger, it is a prerequisite for me to look good and in style at all times. There can be no compromise in my attire because there are public appearances to make and photo shoots to carry out so often. I like to do these things, you know? I like looking like the best version of myself, because it makes me feel good. And when it comes down to pictures, I like it when my phone actually captures the beauty and doesn’t magnify the flaws. But it’s a camera, and it’s not made to make me look flawless.

Or is it?

While I held this opinion for a long time, and also held a secret grudge against phone cameras that made me wish for better lighting all the time, OPPO was up to something that poses as a god-sent boon to me. The new OPPO  F3, in its glorious black version, is a very classy-looking phone with a dual selfie camera with AMAZING quality pictures as output. I’ve put up pictures on my Instagram (caughtinacuff) of me unboxing this Selfie Expert phone. The phone fits comfortably in the hands and the design is sleek. The OPPO F3 has a special and exclusive camera feature called the Beauty mode, which enhances the look of skin when taking selfies. There is also a blur mode which helps create a sort of bokeh effect when the picture is clicked with the primary camera.

Honestly, though, I can go on and on about how much I love the OPPO F3 mainly for its dual front camera and how it makes me look so pretty all the time, no matter when I decide to take a selfie. I absolutely love this phone and I can’t wait to post the hundreds of pictures I’ve taken of myself on this phone already! Enjoy the pictures :)