Saturday, May 20, 2017

Call For A Repeat

Warning: This post is only for those above the age of 21!I'm kidding! 

This is a fresh, different post from everything you've been reading on here, since this is the first time I'm going to talk to you guys about alcohol. I've decided to start a new section where I want to talk about food and drinks to all of you, and I'm working on setting this up officially very soon.

There's a new whisky in town! It's called Repeat, and I tried it only recently. Trust me, it isn't something you want to miss. I know how whisky isn't really known as a feminine drink, but just hear me out, okay? You'll change your mind once you try it for sure.

So whisky comes in various types, from American, English, Scotch, and Swedish, to Canadian, German, Danish and many, many more. The word 'whisky' loosely translates to 'water of life', and that's not something I'd argue with. 'Scotch', though, is the internationally recognized term for whisky. It is a strong spirit, but it goes very well with mixed drinks.

I tried a bunch of cocktails, and they were so yum! I took a chance with Repeat by the Bay, Melon Julep, Whisk-tea, Repeat Your Spice, Nutcracker, Rosky-Whisky, and Choco-Repeat. They were such refreshing and new cocktails, and not one of them was disappointing. The flavours were new to me and absolutely tasty.

You can have all your doubts and qualms about whisky being a gender-specific, but until you try Repeat,you will really never know how much of a perfect drink it is, regardless of any stereotypes.

So long, and catch you guys later!

Thursday, May 4, 2017


Colouring my hair has always been a very exciting experience for me. I absolutely love my hair and I really enjoy playing around with it. I was confused about what colour to pick for my hair, honestly, but I knew it would have to be a shade of brown.

I visited the L’Oreal Professional Academy, where my stylist went ahead and helped me out by picking the colour platinum brown, and he suggested I try the new L’Oreal Professionnel product called SMARTBOND.

L’Oreal  Professionnel SMARTBOND is a unique system that protects and strengthens the hair during technical services such as bleach and haircolour. Your hair's fibers become sensitized from overusing hot tools, from bleaching, or from previously dying your hair a different colour, so it's important to take precautions when getting your hair dyed a new shade. SMARTBOND lets your hairstylist safely colour your hair, giving you reassurance that you're in good hands. SMARTBOND helps strengthen broken bonds that already exist in your hair and also protects your locks during the bleaching and colouring process. Your hair's fibres will be healthy and the new colour will look bright and beautiful!

When I learnt about this, I was super eager to try it out. It was the perfect product for me because I love my hair and I wouldn’t want hair colouring to damage the quality of my hair. I gave my stylist the thumbs up for SMARTBOND, and he mixed it into my hair colour. We went through the entire process of hair colouring. Even though the shade of brown was similar to what my hair was before, I totally loved the results because my hair looked more nourished, it felt soft and silky, and it made me feel really confident about how I look.

If you’ve been hesitant about colouring your hair and are worried about how much damage it’ll do to your hair quality, this is a sign. Take it from me, go ahead and try that hair colour you’ve been eyeing at for weeks, and make sure you use the SMARTBOND procedure. It’ll save your hair a lot of damage and acts as the perfect partner for your hair colour! Enjoy the pictures :D

See you,
Riya Jain