Thursday, December 29, 2016

Party/Winter Month ft. Pantaloons

The last month of the year is always so crammed with parties and gatherings. December is probably my favourite time of the year because it is finally cold enough to wear layers and try on styles that work for chilly weather. The sale at Pantaloons started just last week, and I rushed right over to pick a few pieces for looks that went with winter as well as worked for parties. Here are the four outfits I put together:

1. This marsala full-sleeved t-shirt paired with the grey trousers and a black bomber jacket. I wanted to keep this look very chilled out so I tagged a mini layering of a locket with it. Add on your best heels to this outfit and you’re good to go a fancy dinner!

Marsala Top by Honey- Rs599
Grey Pants by Annabelle- Rs1299
Black Jacket by Candies- Rs1499
2. My second look included this skirt with a shimmery white top. Boots are trending, since it’s winter, so I tagged them with this outfit. I didn’t do much in the makeup department – my love for putting boots with everything worked out because they themselves add the ‘party’ vibe to my ensemble.

White Top by SF- Rs1199
Skort by Candies- Rs899
3. I went all black for my look by pairing a black skirt with a fancy tee that said ‘Epic Weekend’. You can tag this look to a club or house party, and be rest assured that all eyes will be on you!

Tee by SF- Rs699
Skort by Candies- Rs899
4. This grey sweater polo dress has got to be my favourite look. I chose to go for dark lips, which might make you think it’s a winter look. Wearing thigh-high boots with these go great, but you can always play around with the outfit. I picked up a blingy sling bag and my boots and I was ready to hit the parties!

Sweater Dress by Izabel London- Rs1499
Let me know which look you loved best!

All these looks were photographed at Glocal Junction, Andheri. Their grey and black set-up give a very pleasant, vintage feel to pictures and I loved how all my outfits went so well with the location. 

Glocal Junction is an all day dining and bar. It goes through a transition
from morning as a easy dining restaurant to a high energy bar in the
evening. It’s grungy, yet manicured with good ceiling height, comfortable
seating and mood lightings. From an
interactive bar by the day to a quick serve bar by the night.
Don’t forget to visit Pantaloons while their sale is on, and grab some of your favourite pieces at unbelievable prices.

See you soon,

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Fairy Tale Moment

I’ve often had that clueless feeling when I think about what I could wear for a party or wedding reception. You can never tell whether you’ll be over- or underdressed for an occasion, and you won’t know until you show up looking like a sore thumb amongst everyone else. By then, it is too late to fix anything, really, and it can be so embarrassing, too.

In an attempt to solve this dilemma once and for all, I set out to find myself an outfit that is elegant and minimal, and yet manages to look just perfect for every kind of event. Honestly, such an adventure can sometimes prove to be disappointing, but I think I was lucky!

I got a chance to try on this absolutely gorgeous dress by Eye Candy at Kemps Corner, and never has a dress made me feel so regal.

It’s a cocktail type dress that you can wear for the on-going wedding and party season, and true to the store’s name, it is such an eye candy! The vividness of the red is powerful and commands the attention and awe from people around, and the material was very kind and gentle on my skin. The way they have draped and pleated the dress is flawless.

Walking around at Renaissance, Powai, in this gown made me connect to the goddess within me, and I felt like some kind of otherworldly being.

If you’re looking for a dress that compliments your style and persona, this is it! It made me feel like a completely different and beautiful person, and I hope you feel like it, too!

Location courtesy- Renaissance, Powai
Images Clicked By- Mohit Varu

See you soon,
Riya Jain