Friday, February 12, 2016

What I wore for #VeroModaSulaFest

Hello there,

smile emoticon Early wishes for a very Happy Valentines!

grin emoticonIf you're following me on Instagram and Snapchat, you might have an idea that last week I was at Nashik attending the #VeroModaSulaFest. I've contemplated for years now but never could make the time for it. This was my first time there and it was so so worth it! It was a whirlpool of positive vibes with people soaking in the sun and the day was full of happy. The festival was for two days and the chill scene didn't have me wanting to come back.

Coming to my look, I wanted to give a boho touch to a rather grunge look. I picked the knitted ripped top and paired it with shorts. I feel ripped clothing is quite a hit at music festivals and has always worked well for me. I tagged a few boho accessories and a printed shirt for layering. Also, I wanted to wear the knee length boots for the longest time, so after much comtemplation, I took the plunge and felt it actually blended well. I did think of wearing a hat too but I am sure I would have looked like a clown with all this jazz already. Haha.

My whole look for the fest was from Vero Moda's new summer spring collection. You can visit their stores for the whole range. It is well-curated, keeping in mind the fests and obviously the season must haves. You can find the collection here.

Vero Moda had a cute lounge where we could chill and shoot there too. I obviously couldn't miss the Vero Moda installations. The decor was so colourful and pretty which added to the happy vibe. I totally enjoyed my last weekend and am already missing it way too much! There was some amazing wine, kick-ass gigs topped with Vero Moda's rad fashion show to display their Spring/Summer collection. Totally looking forward to it attend next year too. Hope you enjoy the pictures!

Knitted top, Shirt - VeroModa,
Boots - Koovs, Bag - MadishThestylebar

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Happy Valentines Day with fbb

Valentines day is just around the corner and I am sure some girls are worried about how are they going to dress up for their special day.
Well, I think I am too old to be excited for Valentine's though but I always need a reason to dress up so yaaa!

I recently visited fbb and trust me, they got us covered for all the occasions. Be it brunch, lunch, movie, dinner date or the in betweens. I decided to cook up two looks for you all from their collection.

One is the candle light dinner look, where I wore a black maxi skirt with a white shirt and carried a red sling. I wanted to keep the look simple and minimalistic. Just to play around a lil, I added a knot to my shirt to pep it up.

My second look is a shopping-day-out look with my girlfriends and I have kept the look very simple again. I decided to go with a beige shirt with a maroon knitted jacket and paired it with shorts. This look is pretty casual and once a while I do go by it without a statement piece. Hoping to get some agreement from you guys too. Also these boots are my absolute favourite in the shoe collection from fbb.

I'm keeping it simple these days leading up to Valentine's and hoping I was of some help too! Also they are running with a Valentines day contest. You can check here!

Maxi Skirt, White shirt,
Red sling - FBB, Choker - Colaba

Look 2 

Shirt,Shrug & Boots - FBB,
Bag- Accessorize 

See you

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Lost with Skinn By Titan

When a familiar fragrance sparks thoughts, your mind tends to wander – and you are then on an endless ride. It subtly opens a chapter from your life like it was just yesterday. You could say perfumes almost work like a time machine!

Roses, movie tickets or walking into an Archie’s or Hallmark store surely defined the early teens, everything innocent and nascent. I sometimes catch myself strolling through those aisles, going through those silly cards just to relive those simple days.

Sheer took me to a time I hadn’t visited in a long while. I remember his face from across the garden in our residential society. The whiff of jasmine in the air and this handsome man in formal wear. It was silly almost. We would be on either side once or twice a day – me headed to college, him headed to work. Somehow, we would manage to glimpse at each other. And somehow that glimpse comforts me even today. Nostalgia has a strange way of reminding you of things that could’ve been I guess. Reminiscing the what ifs by the beach with a little colour to underline the happier picture.

The key is to cherish those memories rather than rue over them. I do end up toying with the exciting possibilities though. A girl can wish, right? Sheer was a tiny adventure for me – the first aromas took me to a cheerful place and as the fragrance travelled deeper, it was almost like an unexpected but welcome flashback!

See you soon :)