Thursday, December 29, 2016

Party/Winter Month ft. Pantaloons

The last month of the year is always so crammed with parties and gatherings. December is probably my favourite time of the year because it is finally cold enough to wear layers and try on styles that work for chilly weather. The sale at Pantaloons started just last week, and I rushed right over to pick a few pieces for looks that went with winter as well as worked for parties. Here are the four outfits I put together:

1. This marsala full-sleeved t-shirt paired with the grey trousers and a black bomber jacket. I wanted to keep this look very chilled out so I tagged a mini layering of a locket with it. Add on your best heels to this outfit and you’re good to go a fancy dinner!

Marsala Top by Honey- Rs599
Grey Pants by Annabelle- Rs1299
Black Jacket by Candies- Rs1499
2. My second look included this skirt with a shimmery white top. Boots are trending, since it’s winter, so I tagged them with this outfit. I didn’t do much in the makeup department – my love for putting boots with everything worked out because they themselves add the ‘party’ vibe to my ensemble.

White Top by SF- Rs1199
Skort by Candies- Rs899
3. I went all black for my look by pairing a black skirt with a fancy tee that said ‘Epic Weekend’. You can tag this look to a club or house party, and be rest assured that all eyes will be on you!

Tee by SF- Rs699
Skort by Candies- Rs899
4. This grey sweater polo dress has got to be my favourite look. I chose to go for dark lips, which might make you think it’s a winter look. Wearing thigh-high boots with these go great, but you can always play around with the outfit. I picked up a blingy sling bag and my boots and I was ready to hit the parties!

Sweater Dress by Izabel London- Rs1499
Let me know which look you loved best!

All these looks were photographed at Glocal Junction, Andheri. Their grey and black set-up give a very pleasant, vintage feel to pictures and I loved how all my outfits went so well with the location. 

Glocal Junction is an all day dining and bar. It goes through a transition
from morning as a easy dining restaurant to a high energy bar in the
evening. It’s grungy, yet manicured with good ceiling height, comfortable
seating and mood lightings. From an
interactive bar by the day to a quick serve bar by the night.
Don’t forget to visit Pantaloons while their sale is on, and grab some of your favourite pieces at unbelievable prices.

See you soon,

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Fairy Tale Moment

I’ve often had that clueless feeling when I think about what I could wear for a party or wedding reception. You can never tell whether you’ll be over- or underdressed for an occasion, and you won’t know until you show up looking like a sore thumb amongst everyone else. By then, it is too late to fix anything, really, and it can be so embarrassing, too.

In an attempt to solve this dilemma once and for all, I set out to find myself an outfit that is elegant and minimal, and yet manages to look just perfect for every kind of event. Honestly, such an adventure can sometimes prove to be disappointing, but I think I was lucky!

I got a chance to try on this absolutely gorgeous dress by Eye Candy at Kemps Corner, and never has a dress made me feel so regal.

It’s a cocktail type dress that you can wear for the on-going wedding and party season, and true to the store’s name, it is such an eye candy! The vividness of the red is powerful and commands the attention and awe from people around, and the material was very kind and gentle on my skin. The way they have draped and pleated the dress is flawless.

Walking around at Renaissance, Powai, in this gown made me connect to the goddess within me, and I felt like some kind of otherworldly being.

If you’re looking for a dress that compliments your style and persona, this is it! It made me feel like a completely different and beautiful person, and I hope you feel like it, too!

Location courtesy- Renaissance, Powai
Images Clicked By- Mohit Varu

See you soon,
Riya Jain

Sunday, November 27, 2016

My Hair-Changing Experience with TIGI and Ralf Boss

I love how life always has a new experience to offer! From my memorable trip to Koi Samui, to trying out Deepika’s clothing collection, I’ve had such a wonderful time learning and exploring.

After my last hair experiment, I really wanted to try something new when it came to my locks. So, I made a trip to the Lakme Absolut Salon in Bandra and got my hair pampered and styled by Ralf Boss. For those of you who haven’t heard of him, this guy is a very important man! Ralf Boss leads the TIGI Asia Educator Team as Creative Director Taiwan & Asia South Pacific. He wanted to be a famous hairdresser at the age of 13, and now prides in having run his own salon in Germany for more than 15 years! So inspiring!

I felt honoured to have him cut and style my hair, really. He is so experienced and talented, and I’m sure his skills are unparalleled. Throughout the entire process, he talked to me about little but important hacks when it comes to hair, like how your conditioner should never be the same brand and type as the shampoo you use. Another valuable tip he gave was that when you cut your hair, always divide your hair in uneven layers. This helps your hair grow and give it a better structure!

Ralf Boss used Bed Head products to make sure my hair game was totally on fleek! He started with using TIGI Bed Head’s Urban Antidotes Re-energize Shampoo, and the After Party smoothing hair cream right after the wash. These cleaned and untangled my hair perfectly! He finished with a spritz of Hard Head hair spray and gave me this look that goes best with my style!

Overall, I can tell you that my experience with Ralf Boss at the Lakme Absolut Salon was shear heaven! I am so, so happy with how gorgeous my hair looks and how well the Bed Head products treated my tresses!


Monday, November 21, 2016

Koi Samui with Cox And Kings & Thailand Tourism- Part 1

October had been such a rush of a month for me this year! Apart from the fact that it’s my birthday month and I took a trip to Goa to celebrate (which you must’ve seen if you’re following me on Snapchat), I hurried straight to Koi Samui, Thailand, with Cox and Kings right after. I’m so psyched to tell you all about it!

My flight to Bangkok was at night and then I had to connect to Koi Samui once I landed. When I reached the Bangkok airport, I explored and took my time looking around, completely forgetting that I had to get my visa on arrival! When I realized that I’d forgotten this, I literally ran about for almost 20 minutes to get my visa done! I was just in time to catch my connecting flight to Koi Samui, thank God! I could barely contain my excitement once I got my seat.

It takes only an hour to get to Koi Samui, and the airport was quaint and so pretty. I put up lots of pictures on my Snapchat – you can add me @Caughtinacuff so you don’t miss out on anything!

My hotel was only five minutes away from the Koi Samuiairport, and we had landed at 7 PM, so it was dark outside. I stayed at the Nora Beach Resort, and it was absolutely beautiful and breath-taking. A beachside accommodation is so ideal and perfect for a holiday!

Since I got there so late, I didn’t really get to set out and soak in the culture and the life of Koi Samui. All I did that night was head to the Chaweng Night Market. I visited all the stalls and enjoyed the local bands playing commercial music, and a restaurant nearby was throwing a karaoke party. The people of Koi Samui were very welcoming and nice and they left no stone unturned to make sure I was having the time of my life.

As all of you know, I LOVE to eat. That night, I tried Nutella and banana pancakes and they were oh, so delicious! I also indulged in an amazing leg massage while I was there (how could I not, really? Massages are part of what Thailand is so famous for!)

This was only my first day in the gorgeous city of KoiSamui, and soon enough I’ll be updating you guys with my second day there. In the meanwhile, here are some pictures I took from my trip. Cheers!

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

The power of fashion in Hollywood movies!

In the age of establishing your own identity, fashion is wonderfully versatile when it comes to personalizing your look. I’ve always loved adding my own twist to whatever I wear. Thanks to movies and celebrity stylists, so many things are coming back in style! I love how I can revisit older trends with a fresh take on them.
Everyone in the field of fashion has their own idols. For me, these five Hollywood celebrities are my favourites when it comes to fashion inspirations:

Emma Watson:
She’s got the looks and the brains, and that’s a deadly combination. I’ve always related to her ever since I first saw her in the Harry Potter movies. Her looks are usually very British and emphasize a lot on individuality. Her outfits are edgy and basic, and Emma inspires me to want to dress in a way that my clothes show what I am, who I am.

Anne Hathaway:
Her outfits in The Devil wears Prada were so chic! Anne Hathaway is beautiful and stylish, and her every outfit looks so well-meditated and put together. She always comes across as sweet and smart, with just enough sass to make her one of my favourite Hollywood actresses.

Blake Lively:
So often she’s been nicknamed the ultimate queen of style. I’m nobody to deny that! If someone can pull off a Lindsey Thornburg dress (with a slit!) and rock it with a pair of simple Converse sneakers, it’s only Blake Lively!

Brad Pitt:
It’s ridiculous how he can pull off a variety of appearances and look so fashionable and sexy. I think it’s not just the clothes he wears that makes the statement, but his own attitude. I know for sure that he could make any street on Earth look like a runway, just because of how trendy and confident he is.

Tom Cruise:
This Mission Impossible heartthrob is a trendsetter, no doubt. His looks are almost always sophisticated and composed, no matter what he wears. From a simple white shirt to a tailored suit, Tom Cruise can steal any girl’s breath away, all thanks to his drop-dead gorgeous looks.

I know there will be more Hollywood celebrities who will rock the most inspiring and fresh looks, and I’ll always find someone new to learn from. It’s fun to see how celebrities who are so different from each other, have something in common that ties them together. I’m excited to catch such interesting themes and conversation on ‘It’s 9 O’Talk’ on Sony Le PLEX HD, where such hand-picked movie themes will have film buffs enjoying fun movie conversations all week! From Monday through Friday at 9 PM, with the gorgeous Neha Sareen! Don’t forget to join the conversations on Facebook and Twitter. After all, this is where I belong, where YOU belong, where every movie lover belongs!

See you soon,