Tuesday, October 27, 2015

24hours with LEE

Don't we all just love denims. They have always been a saviour when we really don't understand what to wear, at least to me. Denims are easy to pair, you can roughly use them and strategically keep switching to suit your outfit and not repeat the look evidently.

While I keep blabbering about my love for denims, but let's get to the post. Recently I visited Lee and I found their A/W 15 collection full of comfort and perfect fit, basically what you look for in any pair of jeans. They have some really dope shades this time. I've picked my 4 favourite pairs from Lee to put these looks together to last the usual 4 phases of my day.

1st look:
This is something I would have definitely worn to college. A subtle casual look with sneakers for a lil sport. I wore this before heading out to a shoot at a store before I changed into my shoot clothes obviously.

Crop Top- Shimmer (Lokhandwala),
Shoes- Adidas Originals 

2nd look:
I had to attend a meeting and usually would wear this to an event or so. I ended up stopping by Loco Chino to eat some yummy lunch.

Location Courtesy- Loco Chino
Jeans- Lee,
Jacket,Crop Top, Shoes- Forever21,
Bag- Accessorize

3rd look:
After I got done from my meetings and events, I planned to go for some street shopping in my comfort outfit. When doing what I love the most(Shopping, duh!), I need to be well equipped and have a hassle free time with my clothing. 

Jeans & Shirt - Lee,
Shoes- Westside,
Bag- AvantGarde

4th look:
I always make sure if I am having a very hectic day, in the night I go out with my bunch and relax for a bit. 

Jeans- Lee,
Crop Top- Shimmer (Lokhandwala),
Shoes- Hill Road (Bandra)
Bag- DealJeans

4 different pair of Lee jeans accompanied me perfectly in these 24 hrs. They fit flawlessly, are of utmost comfort and can be worn for any part of the day to suit your style and occasion. Obviously to be updated with their trends, you can also follow them on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

See you soon,

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Lakme Fashion Week 2015

After much contemplation, this post is finally up. It is waaaayyy tooo late and I'm reallyyyy sorry but you guys did get to see the whole looks on my Instagram feed. 

Nevertheless,  I've stated below every picture the details of the outfits. Lakme Fashion Week was a different experience for me this season. I actually made Blogger friends. As always I got to see more stunning outfits put together in ways I could only imagine. I got to meet more creative people and share the same platform with them. 

I personally loved the BCG apartment put together for a surreal experience and chilling with Team Internet! I'm glad I get exposure at such places thanks to you guys and it was great meeting some of you too! Enough for now, here is me promising to return super soon as I have posts lined up for you guys.

Look 1 

Look 2

Look 3

Pants- Zara(Dubai), Crop Top- Lokhandwala,
Heels And Hat - Forever21, Bag- Lagilts, Choker/Cuff/Glares- Colaba

Look 4

Top- MissaMore, Shorts & Shoes- Forever21,
Bag & Choker - Lagilts

Look 5

Dress- Ezra. Heels- Forever21
Bag- Snazzy

See you soon,