Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Weekday drama with Snooz

Good morning,

I can only hope you guys have planned a crazy day ahead as I manage a hectic one. Planning to finish all my pending work (almost never true) and shooting a few new outfits for you guys. Well, a lot of you guys on Instagram have asked me for a room tour so I decided to do a shoot in my room but you can't see much of it as it is still in the making and there will be a better tour once it is properly done up, I promise!

I have never shared what I actually do in my day, so let's do that today. Shall we? My weekends are way more happening than my weekdays as partying is reserved for then. 

So i am very late sleeper, I sleep around 3 and get up around 11. As soon as I am up I check Instagram (it is my morning paper). Once I am done religiously stalking everybody, I go for a shower and then head to shoot few outfits with either of my stupid photographers who are my closest friends. Once I'm back, I hog a lot and sit to reply to my emails and try to finish my pending work after which I might or might not step out. Also, I've started playing candy crush again so whenever I take a break I am either playing that or browsing through online websites. But before all of this, as I step in, I'm hunting for comfortable pyjamas. I need PJs to breathe in.

Snooze has topped its game with these unicorn printed PJs which is my staple home wear. I alternate them with my other PJs but these scream utmost comfort and have the cutest print. Snooze has a lot of other cutsie stuff that is ideal for night wear. I've never really taken time out to give my night wear a thorough thought but honestly, this is what I'm donning most of my day at home so why not get this right? Back me up here and go over to Snooze to see more of their collection that has shorts, jumpers and more. Also, understand how important it is to me that I dedicated the entire post to it :D

Riya Jain


  1. supperrrr cuteeee post riyaaa :D

  2. Hey, cute stuff! Also, there are no links to the brand. Please share.

  3. Hey, cute stuff! Also, there are no links to the brand. Please share.