Monday, August 24, 2015

Twining with Jorss By Harshita Punajbi

Hello there,

Twin sets are amongst the hottest trends. I too love twin sets which help me skip finding what would go with my top or pants. They are effortless my lazy outfit. Twins sets can be worn in any occasions. Be it meetings, dinner, party, events etc. Also, I love how twin sets are so versatile. 

Jorss is a boutique located in Juhu Mumbai and I recently went to their store. They cater to the Indo-Western audience and they had some really statement clothing but what caught my eyes was this twin set. I loved the colour plus TIE-DYE print. Tie-dye print too has been trending since forever and I've never worn anything tie-dye in my ootds or blog so I thought this would be making up for it. I loved the flow of the skirt as it gave a chic royal look. 

Jorss is putting up an exhibition in Delhi on the 26th of August, 2015 at Jalsa the Grand - Delhi. So Delhi people should definitely visit her getting some flawless statement outfits. In Mumbai you could find them opp. J W Marriot, Juhu :)

Twin Set- Jorss


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Thursday, August 20, 2015

Style Cracker : Our 4 am styling help

Hello people,

Continuing the uniqueness of the posts, this too doesn't involve me styling outfits. Having said that, I have a styling portal for you all that offers structured styling services. I visited StyleCracker a while back only to figure that there is someone god sent to cater to us, all the time. They offer personalized styling services and helps you create an ensemble for you that ups your style quotient instantaneously. They are a 24*7 styling platform. Like us, they help you answer the 3 biggest questions every girl is worried about:

1. What do I wear?
2. How do I wear it?
3. Where do I find it?

Before all this, they ask you a few simple questions that help them figure your body type and preferences as per which they can assist you. You could also subscribe to them for more regular assistance on your everyday styling. Their team of fashion stylists and influencers curate budget-friendly looks, recommend trendy products and solve your wardrobe- related queries. What’s more? All the suggestions they make can be instantly shopped, with the ‘Buy Now’ feature on their platform.

These were the 2 things that stood out for me, they have a portal that let's you talk to them any time of the day and help you shop new looks as well as with what you already have in your closet. I got to visit their backend office and see how they curate the looks. 
It was a lot of fun and I got to learn a thing or two too! I loved their analysis of the body types and how much thought goes into it. Also, I got to use their look creator and make 3 shoppable looks for you guys as well. I really hope you guys do like them. Do tell me your experience with them. 

See you soon with a styling post,

Riya Jain

Monday, August 17, 2015

Pampering my skin with Skin Yoga

Hello there,

This post is different from my normal posts. I am not styling any outfits but yes, this time I am talking about my skin care. I am very lazy when it comes to my skin. Trust me, I really don't take good care of it. But I have realised that I did the biggest mistake by taking it so lightly. It could dry up or be oily and break out. Also, the skin will start looking old before its age.

Recently, I was introduced to Skin Yoga products and this was my first time trying healthy products on my skin and I was very very excited. SkinYoga is a brand that provides immensely rejuvenating products for the skin and they are 100% natural. You just can't go wrong with these. 

Skin yoga has a lot of variety in their scrubs and I was lucky to try some of it. The face scrubs smell great and is very simple to use. Just need to add a lil water and make the paste thick and apply it on your face. 
Everything used to make the products is so natural and the scrubs are obviously grainy which makes your skin feel so soft and gentle. I even got miniature bottles which are so good and easy to carry while travelling.

They even have foot scrubs to serves my feet carelestoo. I won't ever know how I got a scratch or a mark on my body. My feet get dry too at times but I never really make time to pamper them. But these scrubs were simply calling out to me. They have a bunch of options and they are so so effective. I think I'll be definitely using them once every alternate weekends if not more and obviously, on days when there is a sudden need. 

I don't suggest using too many skin care products(Obviously you can buy them, I am a hoarder too!) at once as more of it usually doesn't turn out well and break outs or allergies just follows it. And I always try to keep it minimal even during shoots. You could definitely try different products to know which suit your skin but I suggest you avoid using them simultaneously and making a habit out of it. Hoping to venture into skin care too soon. Do let me know what works for you! 

Skin Products- Skin Yoga

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Experimenting with Silvette & Ardeuir

Ring, Earrings, Hand Cuff- Silvette, Dress -Ardeuir

Hello there,

Friday is almost here. Yayy! I think this week went by too fast :p. Anyway, I am super excited for this post cause I've tried something new, and I am still in two minds if I like it or not, so you guys can be the judge of that. 

My style is usually quite casual, but in this post I've gone with a tea-pot printed short dress and added statement pieces to go with it. 
I love prints and Ardeuir does a great job with theirs, as seen before. They have some really quirky prints and what's better is that they are going on sale tomorrow so do go over to their website! I thought the print was really cute. This dress was too simple so I decided to ditch my regular accessories and add some edge with these pieces from Silvette

Silvette has gorgeous pieces and they've just launched their new collection as well. Somewhere in my head I love this look but I am still a skeptic. So do let me know if you guys like it.

See you soon,
Riya xoxo