Sunday, April 26, 2015

Summer Ready With Lavie 2.0

Crop Top and Shorts- Redress,
Cuff and Midi Rings- Love Shona's Collection,
Gladiators- Hill Road, Bag- Lavie, Glares- Aldo


Well I am back! Haha.. You guys must be wondering what am I upto. Anyway, I am sharing my 2nd look with the same Mustard yellow Lavie bag. I love how versatile it is and a mustard anything just can't go wrong. 

If any of you missed my last post click here, where I rant about how I go with comfortable clothing preferably short clothes during summers. Some of you guys don't wear shorts clothes and that's perfectly fine as it is every individual's choice. I have got many emails and DMS saying we don't look good or don't like wearing so please suggest something else. And I've always told them go with whatever they're comfortable with cause that instantaneously adds confidence to the whole look, which nails the outfit ultimately. Wearing shorts and being conscious the whole time is pointless. 

This outfit is something that I'd wear on everyday basis. Crop tops are a trend since forever and that ain't going anywhere. Shorts and a crop top is my go-to this summer. And as it gets too casual otherwise, I tag gladiators for a more rad evening. Also, they never fail. Never. I'm creeping up soon. 

Much love,
Riya Jain


  1. Hey , U own a shop o wat , I lik ur collectin , n if u hv ur own shop let me Knw I wuld LUV to odr fr myslf sm stuffs,

  2. Hey dear i saw one tanned duffle bag on your instagram page that u were wearing. Could you please tell me wherr is it from?