Saturday, January 10, 2015

Sheer Start to 2015

Top-Shimmer, Skirt-ThinkPink,
Glares-Stole It From A Friend, Rings- BdayGift
Earrings-MadishTheStyleBar, HandHarness-Lokhandwala Market,
Heels- Flipkart(Cartlon London)

Well it is a little late to shout out a Happy New Year but I still wish you guys all the happiness and success for this year! 2014 was a splendid year and I can’t thank you people enough for supporting me. Whatever I am today is just because of your feedback, love, and motivation.
This year will feature my version of the varied trends, hesitant buys, new statements and some carried forward favourites! For me styling is making something passé stand out. Blogging has made me try so many different things, but I've always tried to adapt a trend to my liking and not lose my sense of style to join the lot.

This post has a pair up of nude and an onion hued purple, that are among the colours I would pick when going shopping. The slit skirt is something I had completely forgot about. I had picked this up during my birthday haul but never really got a chance to wear it. My Instagram speaks for the mad love I have for the maxi length so this one didn’t need much thought. The fitting of the skirt was flattering and it went well with the top. I ditched my crops and went with this sheer top instead.

The nude generally blends well and sober downs any outfit in a subtle way. I found the gold detailing on the nude really pretty and thought of keeping this look on the girlier side. My last post had glitz-beaded leggings, and I have been a fan of such detailed clothing as it pretty much speaks for itself. I still opted for statement earrings and a hand harness, which seemed to complete the look.
This would definitely be something I would fashion for a day look. It is subtle and strong, all at once which is something I swear by when getting dressed! I hope you people liked the post. Moreover, I’d love to hear what you have to say about this look. Until next time.
Riya Jain


  1. Hey Riya totally lov ur style .Plz keep inspiring .Ur lik my fashion role model sumone i look upto ♥

    1. Hey Disha :*
      That means alot to me <3
      ThankYou so much :*

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  3. Hola! You are my female crush....❤ I love the way you come up with different styles.... You are so beautiful in every look of yours ... This post just nailed it ... 😍😍
    Lots of love... Keep Blogging☺
    Btw can I know where is ThinkPink ??

    1. Hey Simran :*
      Haha :p ThakYou so much love :D
      And ThinkPink is in Lokhandwala :)

  4. Hey riya..loved the look..the nude top and the onion hued purple outfit just blends so perfectly...
    One request please can you do a post on hair and skin care :) keep blogging love

    1. Hey Mithra :D
      Thankyou so muchh lovee
      Yes will be doing it soon :*

  5. Hey Riya, i totally love this look of yours! You seem to have created a benchmark for girls around with your posts. Keep it up and I look forward for more sensational looks from you!
    Wishing u Luck & Love.

    Also, read my blog on :

  6. You look the most prettiest in it! Your best till now ❤
    Also I wanted to shop some really good college tees and stuff where could I best find it on Mumbai ?