Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Winter Ready With Elle Fashionwear


Winters: touch down Mumbai! Yay I love this time of the year, it literally makes getting out easier and simply pleasant. I have a weird thing but then who doesn't?

Winters bring back the layering game. I love to combine outfits and see how they turn up. Also you can now venture into your favourite trench coats, leather jackets, beanies, and those knee length socks. In short you can wear your whole wardrobe if teamed up in the right way!

I love trench coats and recently I visited the Elle store at Inorbit and was stunned to see their trench options but this one was an easy pick. It is soft, light, and so comfortable. I paired this aztec print with leather pants and not to forget the beanie. Elle has an amazing party wear collection too as December calls for it.

You could check their social media or their store for more and also do let me know how you like this look. Also, I loved how the pictures turned out, until next time.

Trench Coat & Sweater- Elle,
Leather Pants, Boots & Beanie - Forever21

Riya Jain

Saturday, December 12, 2015

Happy Hands with Fossil

Hello hello,

If you guys are following me on Snapchat (ID: caughtinacuff) you'd know I had recently attended Fossil's event that happened at Inorbit mall, Malad. 

Fossil has been one of my personal favourites and was quite lusted over in my college years. Fossil has a varied range of watches for both, men and women with a lot of intricate work gone into each piece.

Holiday season is the perfect time to get busy pairing up the best accessories with your best outfit. And not just talking about any luxurious, blingy accessories but let's cue the most perfect (boyfriend) watch or the rose-accented Tailor watch as you could time your own style. The sparkling watches, mirrored with gradient colours and twinkling stars have re-emerged almost as the new statement that seamlessly marry fashion and function. 

The launch was speaking for the collection with the vivid events going on there. 'Spin-a-wheel' is always a hit with some exciting gifts up for grabs too. One could also customise the Fossil bags and they extended the customisation to the watch tins too. But my absolute favourite in that section had to be the Watch Bar where we could customize the straps. I often face the issue of not liking either the dial or the strap. They've sorted my single biggest woe with watches and I couldn't be happier! 

It’s Holiday time! As we tail toward the end of the year, the complete blur of social parties, family gatherings, work events, weddings make you want to be prepared for it all and Fossil could definitely give you a flawless hand at that. You could visit their store or go over the website for more details! 

Location - Inorbit Mall
Watches & Bags - Fossil

See you soon 
Riya Jain

Friday, December 11, 2015

Going dressy with Deal Jeans


Hope you guys saw my last post which went up a few hours back. 
December is here and so is the party season. It is a celebratory month packed with too many parties to attend and you're mostly making up at end of the year for not doing much all year.

Deal jeans launched their party season collection (which is available on Myntra and Amazon, Offline you can get them at Central and Globus store.) I totally loved their party line and this one of my favourite picks. I loved the detailing on the neck and obviously the colour. 

This dress gets a thumbs up for a Christmas eve party too. Also, am coming up with a giveaway tomorrow so stay tuned for the same!

See you soon ;) 

Monday, December 7, 2015

Good Hair Days With Matrix

Hello there :D

December is already hereeee. I still don't believe that this year is almost over. Hardly few days to go and we begin a new year with new beginnings!

So, today I'm sharing my hair care routine that is on from a while now. Recently, I started using Matrix biolage smooth proof shampoo and conditioner. I love to experiment with hair care products considering my constant shoots that don't let my hair breathe enough.

So when I got introduced to matrix biolage smooth proof shampoo, I was super excited to see the results. I've been using this for almost 20 days now and I totally love the change. Normally when we wash our hair it turns out a bit frizzy but my post hair wash game was on point. My hair by it self set calmly and it is so well behaved! And I am in love with the smell of the shampoo too!(Yummy enough to make me want to take a bite!) Also, I used to wash my hair alternate days but now I can easily push the wash to every 3-4 days and my hair does not get oily at all. Even post 4th day, I could still pull off a sleek look if need be. That's always a good trick to follow!

I love this change and I'd totally recommend you guys to give it a shot. Also, sharing my good hair day pictures with this shampoo!

Matrix Biolage Shampoo & Conditioner

Lastly, the product can be purchased at a MATRIX salons and the consumers can find a MATRIX salon near them using the salon locator: http://on.fb.me/1fas3IJ

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Find Me With Eurumme


I'm here with a different take on my posts. Not much has changed, but how I've shot it, which I absolutely love! 

I've time and again spoken about my love for accessories and strongly believe they compliment the whole look. If you are wearing a simple outfit and don't want to layer, a statement piece would instantly lift the outfit. 

Eurumme easily makes it to the list of my much loved accessories stores. The pieces are edgy and sassy. I usually prefer bright and bubbly pictures but absolutely dig such editorial type of shoots and so this was a start! Also, I changed my hair parting and actually quite liked it. I went with a monochrome outfit to back these gorgeous pieces. I tried a few of them from the collection and you could visit their social media platforms to view these and get more details. 

Hoping you guys liked the shoot, Mrinmai Parab has done a fabulous job with it and I'm so psyched about the change. See you guys soon with another post. 

Accessories- Eurumme
Pictures shot by - Mrinmai Parab

See you soon, 
Riya Jain