Thursday, November 20, 2014

Overall Madness

Dungarees- Outfits(bandra), Crop-Top- Shimmer, Handband- Blur,
Sneakers & Bagpack- Westside

November has been a very busy month for me! Too much pending work, exams, birthdays to attend, shoots, meetings which took a toll on me but I still owe you guys an apology! I here on, promise not to procrastinate(maybe a little lesser).

It stands true when said, Nothing in the fashion world is really new! Fashion trends are basically just rotating, and all credits given to the ones who started it. And now the only trick here is, how we style and carry it! When its come to styling myself on a daily basis, I always prefer to go with something that is comfortable yet quirky. 

When you look at Dungarees/Overalls, what is the first thing that comes to your head?
Maybe when we were children or a building labourer or a woman factory worker from World War 2?
(Imagination level: Say what?)
But sometimes we need to let our inner child out and what's more perfect than a pair of overalls? I've always loved them but never wore one after 13 maybe. But of late, I've seen so many different patterns, prints, colours and undoubtedly, had to fall in love with it again. 
Overalls are more or less a statement piece for me —  they suit all seasons and are more amazing when layered well. It can be worn at more places than you think! The slouchy ones can be worn on Treks, Amusement parks, Movies, and there are always short fancier overalls for a night out with friends.

Dungarees are usually worn with a simple tee but my version of it had a skinny jeans dungaree with a girlier crop top! It made the ensemble relatable to me. You all must have seen me wearing heels, gladiators, boots ,oxford shoes but never sneakers! So I kept my preconceived notions aside and took a chance with them. I decided on these navy blue pair which I picked it from Westside and it gave the edge as I wanted to this look a bit sporty. 
I'm currently loving backpacks and actually carry them if and when the outfit permits. Don't judge me but I have too many obsessions at one time, and these backpacks are just too adorable! And this was an oxblood which obviously had me wanting it all the more. I've picked faux leather ones that I've been gushing over too! I gave most accessories a miss and just wore the grey tassle chained hand gear. 

While shooting this look, I was nothing short of a 5 year old kid who was being bribed chocolates to pose and jump around. We couldn't stop laughing and I'm told, the photo of the jump had me more looking like the aliens were coming to take me back! (My friends have kind words for me).
Do tell me how did you like the change and would love to know how'd you style it! See you guys very soon! Until then,

Lots of love,
Riya Jain

Wednesday, November 5, 2014


So if you guys are following me on Instagram , you all must have seen that few days ago I had been asked out for a Date. And I was super excited to head for an amazing time with ONLY INDIA.
When I entered Only, I couldn't stop myself from liking over 20 things in one go. I started picking out my favourites and was keeping you guys in the loop on Instagram of how well my date was treating me.

ONLY has a collection that caters to all occasions. I came across the fall collection, daily wear, festive, party wear... in short, they have everything for a woman's wardrobe needs.

I was really excited as this was the first time I was doing something of this sort and the collaboration had me wanting it to go just perfect and well, it did. I managed to pick out a lot of things on random, then I sorted them to cook up some yummy looks for you guys. I decided to showcase each type of look and show what you guys can pick if you are in a situational dilemma.

Look 1
The Red Blazer and Shimmer Short Dress
It can be readily worn for a party or at a Diwali get together. I had plans to opt this for Diwali but then, parents you see!

Look 2
The Black Midi Dress
This dress can rock in the day as well as in the night depending on what you pair it with. Being a short dress person, I never thought I'd be fashioning this length, but Midi Dresses have swept me off my feet and I can wear them all day long now and this one being black, it just cant go wrong.
I decided to wear a scarf to dial down the look to make it a little casual.

Look 3
The Houndstooth Trench Coat
This was one of my favourite looks.
Right now we all are waiting for the fall and this is definitely a must have layering because along with the comfort, it comes with a statement print and the trench style.


Look 4
The Swag Sweatshirt and Jeans.
This was one of my first picks. Really trendy and fun to wear on a casual winter night. Cosy and sure seemed to display a lot of Swag :D

Look 5
The Black Sequin Long Dress
This is perfect for cocktail parties or even for wedding receptions. It is simple yet so chic. Every girl needs some sequin in her closet and this being a Maxi, I would definitely go with this one on a doubtful

Look 6
The Yellow jacket and Lacey Skirt
This look is so me. The skirt was cute and I just loved the colour of the jacket and it complements the quirk in me. I love bold bright colours, they make such a statement which needs no sidekick.

Look 7
The Striped Jacket & Kisses Tee
This look can be worn any time of the day and I loved the print on the Tee. I tagged a stripped jacket with the whole look and carried a tassel sling bag with it.

I spent a lovely date doing two of my favourite things, shooting and shopping at the Bandra Outlet of ONLY. I definitely didnt want the day to end, as they sure knew how to show me a good time!

Riya Jain